Helping Clients Protect Their Assets With Complex Living Trusts

Establishing a living trust is an option that more of our clients are taking advantage of at the Bianco Law Firm in Visalia, California. You can rely on our experienced and knowledgeable estate planning attorneys to take a detail-oriented approach to creating your living trust.

Living Trusts Versus Wills

When someone wants to pass on his or her property to someone else, he or she creates a will. Wills are public documents that need to be probated, a sometimes time-consuming and expensive process. The lack of privacy and the additional costs of probate have resulted in more of our clients at the Bianco Law Firm to opt for a living trust. A living trust does not require probate, so our clients can maintain complete privacy.

Identifying Your Needs In Establishing A Living Trust

While a living trust has its advantages, it does not represent the best option for everyone. When you meet with us at the Bianco Law Firm, we will gather information from you and help you identify the best option for you. Like a will, you decide where you want your property to go and how it should be divided. Things get a bit more complicated when the property is transferred through a living trust.

Our attorneys do not apply a cookie-cutter approach to your estate planning needs. We tailor all estate plans to fit our client's individual needs.

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The advantages of a trust being private far outweigh the complicated aspects of creating and funding it. It is because of these complicated aspects that you need a seasoned attorney who is skilled in the development of living trusts. At the Bianco Law Firm, we pride ourselves on personalized service. For more information or to schedule an appointment with an experienced lawyer, please contact us.