Experience And Knowledge In Child Support Calculations And Disputes

Divorce disputes involving children can quickly become complicated by emotions or long-standing disagreements. Even though the calculation of child support is largely determined by a numeric formula, an experienced family law attorney can provide the guidance you need.

At the Bianco Law Firm, we have extensive experience guiding clients in Visalia and communities throughout California who are facing divorce. If you are considering divorce or have been served divorce papers, having a knowledgeable lawyer on your side is crucial.

Calculating Child Support Amounts

While the bulk of the child support calculation is determined by income and time spent with the children, there are numerous other factors that must be examined. These factors can include childcare costs, educational costs, extracurricular activity costs and medical costs not covered in insurance. It is wise to take the time to consider these additional costs before agreeing on a child support amount.

Is It Possible To Modify Support Payments?

The courts understand that circumstances change. Whether it is job loss, a reduction in pay, relocation or significant life changes, it is wise to discuss a modification with a skilled attorney.

Many people will attempt to work out an agreement with their ex. Unfortunately, while it might be attractive to work outside of the legal system, these verbal agreements carry no weight. They are not legally binding, and there is no built-in mechanism for enforcement. When you need to modify your original divorce order, it is crucial that you work within the confines of the legal process.

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