Protecting Clients' Rights In Child Custody And Visitation Disputes

Parents have come to the Bianco Law Firm in Visalia, California, for help in determining custody and visitation. Our focus is on resolving disputes peacefully while always looking out for the best interests of the child.

Child Custody And Visitation For Married Couples

At the Bianco Law Firm, our family law practice includes representing clients in child custody and visitation-related matters. For married couples, we use the legal mechanisms in place to determine custody and visitation schedules that are in the best interest of the children. While mediation is not required by the courts, we believe that sometimes this is the best strategy to use to move toward a resolution. It shields the children from a sometimes-ugly process and facilitates future, post-marriage relationships.

Child Custody And Visitation For Unmarried Couples

Unmarried couples do not have a formal legal process to resolve their disputes. Their options are limited to filing a petition to determine paternity of the child. That legal finding can protect an unwed father's rights and result in a court order for custody or visitation. While there are challenges, we have the experience to resolve child custody disputes for unmarried couples.

Child Custody And Visitation Modifications And Enforcement

A court order establishing child custody and visitation schedules does not mean that the mandate will be followed to the letter. Job changes and second marriages will take a parent out of state, requiring a modification of the order. Other times, we have to move in to ensure enforcement of a child support order if one parent is not cooperating. Our job may not be over until your child reaches the age of 18.

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