Attorneys Setting Up Guardianships And Conservatorships

Minors and even adult children need additional help and care in the event that you can no longer care for your children. At the Bianco Law Firm in Visalia, California, we assist our clients set up guardianships and conservatorships. Guardianships and conservatorships are a great way to look out for the best interests of a minor or adult son or daughter.

Setting Up A Guardianship

When biological parents cannot adequately care for a child, a guardian steps forward or is appointed to provide the care that the minor needs. In many guardianship cases, we have both parents consenting to the legal process of appointing a guardian for their child. Other times, only one parent agrees to a guardianship, creating a contested proceeding. Whether there is consent or a dispute, we have the experience to establish guardianships and fight for the rights and best interests of the child.

Guardianships can also be created by grandparents for the care of their grandchildren. Sometimes a parent cannot raise and care for their own children; we help grandparents step in and set up guardianships for their grandchildren.

Establishing A Conservatorship

At the Bianco Law Firm, we also help to establish conservatorships for a client's son or daughter over the age of 18 who cannot care for himself or herself. Assuming the decision-making power related to health care, education and welfare of someone who is disabled is a major responsibility. Those who cannot care for themselves truly benefit from a conservatorship.

Your parents always watched out for your well-being, so watch out for your parent's well-being if they become incapacitated or are unable to care for themselves. Establishing a conservatorship will allow you to control your parent's well-being and medical care when your parent becomes incapacitated.

Looking Out For Everyone's Best Interests

Whether you are seeking a guardianship or conservatorship, our estate planning attorneys are attentive to all of the details throughout the entire process. We also want to ensure that the best interests of your loved one are your focus, as well as ours. We help you watch out for people who are looking to exploit those with diminished capacities.

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