There Are Common Myths Surrounding Bankruptcy

There are a number of bankruptcy myths and misinformation that seem to be traded back and forth. Amid all of the opinions that are not rooted in fact, the notion that this a viable form of debt relief sometimes gets lost. At the Bianco Law Firm, our experienced attorneys can let you know what a filing entails, what assets you will likely be allowed to keep and the effect that a filing will have on your credit score.

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Major Assets Are Often Exempted From Liquidation

People are often fearful that if they file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy they will no longer be allowed to live in their home or all of their household possessions will be taken by the bank. This is simply not true. Our knowledgeable Fresno debt relief lawyers will work on an exemption plan that will allow you to keep your house, your car and your household items. Do not allow half-truths surrounding Chapter 7 to prevent you from seeking relief from overwhelming debt.

You Can Rebuild Your Credit

Oftentimes, people are very nervous about filing for bankruptcy and the effect that it will have on their credit score. The fact is that failing to make payments is likely to have a bigger negative impact on a person's credit history than bankruptcy. When you file for debt relief, you are providing yourself with a fresh start on the road to financial freedom. The lawyers at the Bianco Law Firm can tell you how to start rebuilding your credit, such as taking out secured loans and credit cards.

You May Still Qualify For A Mortgage

Another fear that people have is that a Chapter 7 filing will all but destroy their chances of home ownership. The fact is, nobody's credit history is spotless, and lending institutions will grant mortgages to people who have filed in the past. This is, after all, an opportunity for a new start and for you to put a financial responsibility plan into action.

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